Integrative Medical Practice Munich Romanstr. 14

The practice is being run by Heilpraktiker Jürgen Degenhardt.


All desease patterns are being treated in agreement, from kids

to adults to advanced old age, regardless of gender.


A treatment may require a combination of the following methods:


- Always sufficient time for communication and advice

- Pulse diagnosis and acupuncture after Master Ton van der Molen

- Wrist-Ankle-Acupuncture

- TCM, formulations of native and chinese herbs

- Spagyric and homeopathic medicine

- Autohaemotherapy

- Therapies with injections and drip-feeding

   (vitamins, thymus peptids, many more depending on indication)

- Bioactive medical mushrooms

- Manual techniques, e.g. gentle chiropractic

- Cupping techniques including intermittent vacuum cupping

- Relaxation techniques including deep field relaxation

- Integrative biological cancer medicine

- Medical Guo Lin Qigong as an aid treating cancer and chronic deseases


In any case aiming to raise and further strengthen the body's own self-healing abilities.

The practice is being run appointment-based and I'll schedule sufficient time.


Appointments per eMail, WhatsApp, SMS, or phone:

+49 170 9651516 (personal cell phone)

+49 89 13038700 (German landline including answering machine) 


Association memberships:

Gesellschaft für Biologische Krebsabwehr e.V.

Tsi Mo Kreis der Akupunkteure nach Ton van der Molen

Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker und Naturheilkundiger e.V.